About Us

Care for the Old is one of the Major Challenges of the Modern Society.

In the mad rush of 21st century, one of the noble Indian traditional values of joint family with respect to the elders, welfare of the weak, diseased dependents being ignored or neglected.

We cannot blame any one for this global change,social challenge and human crisis.

Unlike the institutional support in the developed societies with fair degree of sheltered homes for the senior citizens,we have serious issues in providing care to our seniors. They constitute vulnerable group due to physical ,psychosomatic health and social withdrawal. Poverty and rural deprivation further aggregates their living. Worst bit are the women belonging to weakers sections living in rural areas without any economic or social security.

Though government of india passed national policy on senior citizens and their welfare,due to complexity of the problems of the elderly,much has not improved in the plight of our elders.Hence,the need for the support of the community for their safe and secured maintenance and well being.Thus,the role of NGOS assumes significance.

Concerned with the criticality of the care for the aged, we , a group of 21 members, formed a trust in 2002 and contributing among ourselves to support 25 members in this Home for the aged.Our chairman Sri Paladi Parameshwar donated 4500 sft of land in Hyderabad.

Over the period ,with the committed effort style committee , the demand for its support increased that led to contribution of 5 storied building to accommodate 100 to 150 inmates.We could do all this with the active support of growing number of donors for construction of 46 rooms.

So far,we have been running the Home with our own voluntary contribution by providing food,clothes,medicines and safe assistance to the 25 inmates.

To meet the increasing demand for support and maintenance of the needy seniors, caring elders, We appeal to the public to share their resources liberally and to supplement our endeavors for extending a helping hand to our elders,as a token of our enlightened social responsibility. As the building construction has been completed,We are planning to shelter about 100 to 150 inmates.We are going to admit inmates on the basis of need based with out any discrimination of caste, religion or regional.